Personalized Brand Clarity Consultation: Unleashing Your Potential

During our one-on-one brand clarity consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to spend dedicated time with me, where I lend a listening ear and tap into my expertise to help you swiftly and effectively achieve your goals in the next 90 days.


Throughout our session, you will receive my undivided attention, benefiting from my extensive 20+ years of experience in Branding and Design. As your dedicated Brand Coach, I am committed to providing unwavering support during our time together.


My primary objective is to help you gain crystal-clear clarity and offer actionable recommendations that will propel you forward, enabling you to experience tangible progress and bring you closer to your desired outcomes without delay.

Social Media Content Strategist: Crafting Expert Content Strategies for Visual Impact

As a Social Media Content Strategy Specialist, our service is designed to help businesses and brands create a compelling online presence and maximize their impact on social media platforms. With our extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of social media dynamics, we offer strategic guidance to develop an effective content strategy tailored to your unique goals and target audience. We analyze market trends, competitor strategies, and audience preferences to craft engaging and relevant content that drives audience engagement, increases brand visibility, and ultimately, boosts conversions and revenue. From content ideation and planning to scheduling and optimization, we provide comprehensive support to ensure your social media channels are consistently delivering valuable and impactful content. With our strategic approach and industry insights, we help you navigate the ever-changing social media landscape and unlock the full potential of your digital presence.

Tailored Web Design Solutions: Captivating Your Audience at Every Click

With our web design services, you’ll embark on a journey of clarity, collaboration, and accelerated progress towards your goals. During our dedicated sessions, I will attentively listen and tune in to your aspirations, identifying fast and effective steps that will drive tangible results within the next 90 days.


Rest assured that you will receive my undivided attention, drawing upon my extensive 20+ years of experience in the realms of branding and design. As your committed Brand Coach, I will support you wholeheartedly throughout our collaboration.


My objective is to provide you with utmost clarity, recommending strategies that will activate progress and propel you expeditiously towards your goals. Together, we will navigate the path towards success, ensuring a bespoke web design experience tailored to your specific needs.

Elevate Your Brand's Voice with Powerful Public Speaking

I specialize in comprehensive brand, design, and marketing consulting, with a unique focus on public speaking. By leveraging my expertise, I help clients deliver captivating presentations that align with their brand’s identity and values.


Through strategic storytelling and meticulous preparation, I assist clients in leaving a lasting impression on their audience. From refining messaging to enhancing delivery skills, I provide comprehensive guidance to transform clients into confident and effective public speakers.


Partner with me to unlock the potential of public speaking, make a lasting impact, and enhance your brand’s visibility and influence. Together, we will create memorable experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.

Ignite Your Brand's Potential: Empowering Workshop Presentations

I am a distinguished brand, design, and marketing consultant, specializing as a Workshop Presenter. With extensive expertise in branding, design, and marketing, I offer immersive workshops that empower brands and drive remarkable results.


Engage in dynamic and interactive sessions that unlock your brand’s potential. From brand strategy to design thinking, my workshops provide practical insights and tools to elevate your brand’s presence.


Partner with me for impactful workshops that empower your audience, foster connections, and drive growth. Let’s elevate your brand to new heights of success together.

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The Takeout Effect brings real conversations in business. This podcast is one of many podcast series on the Business Takeout platform and it features in-depth conversations with business professionals, influencers, and industry experts who share intimate details regarding their journey towards success. Banki is committed to providing information that is valuable and practical to inspire other black entrepreneurs.

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Sheares Benjamin (Banki)

Founder Of Bombshell Impact Design Agency & Business Takeout

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Meet Sheares Benjamin, affectionately known as Banki. She is not only a devoted mother but also a passionate visual artist and a dedicated serial entrepreneur. She stands as the brilliant mind behind Bombshell Impact Design Agency, a creative agency specializing in branding solutions, graphic/web design, and social media content management for small to medium-sized businesses.

Adding to her list of accomplishments, Banki has recently launched Business Takeout, a groundbreaking social enterprise with a mission to foster black wealth and empower black entrepreneurs. With her firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in various industries, she recognizes the immense rewards that well-planned marketing decisions can bring to a company. Her greatest fulfillment lies in aiding small businesses in thriving through the development of optimized websites, captivating logos, and compelling brochures that distinguish them from their competitors. Together, these two ventures are dedicated to enhancing the long-term success of entrepreneurial visions.

Banki boasts over 20 years of experience in the fields of Creative Solutions and Business Management, constantly generating fresh and innovative ideas. With her unwavering drive and creative prowess, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry.