Content Planning for Entrepreneurs
Free Live Webinar Series


By taking this 4 part webinar series you’ll develop pivotal social content planning skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results.


From the author of ‘The Social Media Content Planner for Entrepreneurs’ and ‘The 2019 Social Media Content Planner’, this webinar series is designed to teach entrepreneurs like yourself the techniques needed to create reliable social media marketing strategies, effective auditing and intentional content creation with a brand that stands out.  Participants will be provided with the practical knowledge required to implement and start seeing results right away.   


Learn how in this interactive, 4 part series with Sheares Benjamin (Banki), Founder of Banki Designs Inc. and Business Takeout.




Spots are limited to 30 people! You are encouraged to register as soon as possible to secure a spot in this interactive, 5-part webinar series. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested. 

Why does every entrepreneur needs this eBook?

Whether your new on your entrepreneurial journey or not your time is important, and there’s nothing more frustrating than wasting it, trying to organize and plan your social media and not going about it the right way.
As an Entrepreneur, you’re responsible for many things including; Creating content, knowing what content works and what doesn’t, branding yourself properly online, promoting content, and not to mention everything else in between.
The Social Media Content Planner for Entrepreneurs can help you achieve clarity, organize every aspect of your social media for your business, save time, stay focused, and ultimately crush your goals online.

Meet The Instructor

Sheares Benjamin (Banki)

Founder Of Banki Designs Inc. & Business Takeout
Regional Vice President (York Region/Simcoe County) – Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce


Sheares Benjamin (Banki) is the founder of Banki Designs, a Toronto-based creative agency offering branding solutions, graphic/web design and social media content management services to small to medium size businesses.

She’s also the name behind her latest business social enterprise Business Takeout. Its mission is to increase generational wealth by empowering black entrepreneurs.


Sheares knows first hand the challenges entrepreneurs often face in many industries and the rewards that a well-planned marketing strategy can yield for the company. Her biggest reward is helping small businesses flourish through creation of a properly optimized website, an effective logo as well as a compelling brochure to set your business apart from the rest. The combination of these two companies are geared to improve the longevity of entrepreneurs’ business ideas.


Banki has over 15 years experience in the Creative Solutions and Business Management field and is always coming up with new ideas.


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